Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Liverpool die hard fans

yesterday ordered by Zuerra on her 3rd Anniversary.... she requested to supprise her hubby in AmBank Group...Zuerra told me that her husband was die hard fans of Liverpool FC...

Thank you so much Zuerra!!!

16pcs Medium PaperCup
Choc. Moist Cupcakes with Choc. Chips

16pcs Large PaperCup
Choc. Moist Cupcakes with Choc. Chips


zuerra9380 said...

5 starlaaa tuk kak sue..
mmg surprise gler my hubby ms tu.
very excited! his officemate pn teruja tgk decoration especially tang logo liverpool tu.. sampai ada yg nk framekan... my hubby pn tk sampai ati nk mkn cuppies tu.. mmg excellent laa kak sue.. BERBALOI!!! thanks a lot kak sue..


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